Brokeback Boner @ Sweet Xmas Drink & Draw

Were you never beautiful enough? Were you not entitled to express yourself? This Christmas Brokeback Boner will enlighten the way for outcasts, underdogs and everyone that was challenging the status quo.
Brokeback Boner @ Sweet Xmas Drink & Draw Burlesque Show, Ilokivi, Jyväskylä
20th December 2019

Machiavelli Me

A choreography about money, power, boxing and erotic dance. What could go wrong?

Choreography: Jeriko Fox
Dancers: Jeriko Fox & Helinä Kareinen
26.-28. September 2019 at Sotku-teatteri, Kuopio
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A Home Video (Farewell in Six Movements) @ Paikallisliike

A one-man dance film, a punkesque performance piece and an act of leaving.
A Home Video (Farewell in Six Movements) @ Paikallisliike, Kuopio
15th June 2019

Brokeback Boner @ Tulevat Tähdet 2019

My burlesque debut! Come and meet Brokeback Boner from the deep dark woods of Yukon Territory.
Brokeback Boner @ Tulevat Tähdet 2019, Ilokivi, Jyväskylä
15th June 2019

Aerowaves Springback Academy

I will be working as a dance writer at the next Aerowaves Spring Forward dance festival as a participant of the Springback Academy.
Aerowaves Spring Forward, Val-de-Marne, France
05-07th April 2019