Machiavelli Me is a boxing match between two dancers. A fight about funding of arts, insufficient resources and vague promises. A fight that no-one can win. This piece shows a world through a machiavellian mirror – a place where you are ready to use any means necessary.

Does forcing an artist to promote themselves in entrepreneurish fashion make a body a merchandise? Is everything for sale to get funding? Is dancing for money still art? What kind and whose art is allowed to be performed?

Machiavelli Me is a question of power, visual violence, erotic dance and a heavy weight grant fight.

Choreography: Jeriko Fox
Dance: Jeriko Fox and Helinä Kareinen
Produced in collaboration with ITAK
26.-28. September 2019, Sotku-teatteri, Kuopio
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360° Trailer by Jeriko Fox & Dima Tsvetkov