Self-portraits is a solo choreography concept by Ville Nylén. It contains series of self-portraits that are build around fandom, resilient mind and themes that show importance. I was working as an intern for Nylén creating and editing all photo and video material for Self-portraits. Find more information about the project and performances from Self-portraits web site.


Self-portraits: Everything is so fucking wrong!
20.06.2016 19:00
Paikallisliike festival, Sotku, Suokatu 42/2, Kuopio, Finland

Self-portraits: Intimate Boxes
Kehä – Monitaiteellinen festivaali kahdelle, Oulu, Finland

Self-portraits: Everything is so fucking wrong!
Lonely in the rain? festival, Outokumpu/Joensuu

Trailer 1 (camera operator, video editor)

Trailer 2 (camera operator, video editor)

Trailer 3 (camera operator, video editor)

Trailer 4 (camera operator, video editor, sound designer)