Täytetyille Eläimille

Täytetyille Eläimille (For the Mounted Animals) is the artistic BA thesis of Ville Nylén. It is a research of using the presence as a form of communication. The performance falls somewhere in between contemporary dance, physical theatre and live art.

Choreography: Ville Nylén (BA thesis)
Genre: Contemporary dance/physical theatre
Music: Ville Leinonen – Majakanvartijan Uni (Full Album)
Dancers: Jeriko Fox, Terhi Hartikainen, Anna Stenberg, Hanna Vilander
Open rehearsal: 27th of February 2014
Performance: Lähtölaukaus-dance festival, 1st and 2nd of March 2014, Sotku, Kuopio

Report of the artistic thesis: Täytetyille Eläimille – Raportti taiteillisesta opinnäytetyöstä Finland
My blog post: Täytetyille Eläimille Finland

Teaser (dancer, video editor)

Short trailer (dancer, video editor)

Long trailer (dancer, video editor)