Go Guerrilla or Go Home is a proposal for artistic freedom. It means you can and should dance anytime and anywhere. It is a collection of instant choreography and improvised movement. Dance is the medium, but anything can be the inspiration. I invite anyone to use the hashtag #GoGuerrillaOrGoHome.


Polar vortex, freezing temperatures and dancing on the brink of hypothermia.

Music: Damien Rice – 9 Crimes


Dreaming, What If I Was Floating

I was unable to sleep and twirling around my bed, when I found the possibilities of floating.

Music: Amy Dickson – Morning Passages (From “The Hours”)


Danse de Vomir du Chat

My cat puked on the carpet and I found a moment for dance while cleaning it.

Music: Lily Allen – Friend of Mine


Rox with Sox

I was working alone in a graveyard shift at the local hospital, when I started to feel like dancing. I shot this video in a x-ray room and got a warning of inappropriate social media behaviour from my superiors. This started the #GoGuerrillaOrGoHome project.

Music: Laura Helander – Not Gonna Change